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Revamp your Heart Healthy Retour

Revamp your Heart Healthy Retour- By Courtney Brooks RD, LD

As a practicing outpatient Registered Dietitian Nutritionist, I instinctively pull up The Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics, Nutrition Care Manual whenever I have questions or need educational materials on healthy eating. With February being American Heart Month, it seems fitting to expand my tool box of resources on this nutrition topic. If you were to ask me in passing some reliable reference for heart healthy eating, I may be able to spout off a web address or two, but I really had not spent a great deal of time searching through these websites. I took that time and here is what I found.


American Heart Association Website is an amazing reference. Once on this website click on the Healthy Living tab and then the Healthy Eating tab. The sections you see in front of you bring you to a wide variety of information from overall heart healthy nutrition to explanations of evidence based diet recommendations with practical application tips and tricks. You will find tips on eating for each season, grocery shopping tips per section of store, and well explained nutrition facts label reading information focused on heart health. You will also find a well written summary of food packaging claims. This site even provides a list of heart healthy foods for under a dollar per serving. My favorite part about the website are the suggestions for eating out at restaurants and fast food establishments while protecting your heart’s health.

The Heart Health Check Mark logo sponsored by the American Heart Association is featured on menus, grocery store items and foodservice establishments and can be used as a resource to help clients choose heart smart items. The website explains the dietary criteria that must be met in order for the logo to be on the food or menu item. I don’t know about you but I had seen this logo many times but could not repeat back what the criteria was for the product to be marked. I can’t wait to share this information with my next cardiac rehabilitation education session!

The Nutrition Care Manual is a RDN’s “go-to” for reliable evidence based nutrition information. This includes practice guidelines on nutrition to lower cholesterol, blood pressure and prevent heart disease. There are many patient friendly educational print outs such as meal plans, recommended foods and not recommended food lists. Member pricing for one annual subscription your first year is $182 and $128 upon renewal the next year. Worth every penny!

With these two resources, your heart healthy nutrition tool box is looking quite beefy – no pun intended!

---- Courtney Brooks, RD, LD is a practicing outpatient dietitian in Savannah, GA with Certifications of Training in Adult Weight Management Levels 1 & 2 and practices as the sole RD for the areas adolescent eating disorder clinic.

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