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National Nutrition Month: Savor the flavor of eating right

National Nutrition Month: Savor the flavor of eating right
Sherry Coleman Collins, MS, RDN, LD

Happy National Nutrition Month!  Of course, for GAND members, every month is National Nutrition Month.  Even so it’s fun to have a national concerted effort to promote good eating and healthy habits under one umbrella.  This year’s theme is “Savor the flavor of eating right”.  We probably all have our own idea of what that word – savor – means, so we thought it would be fun to ask the experts.  You!


We used a very sophisticated formula (my hand-dandy personal email list) to poll a group of GAND dietitians to answer this question: As an expert RDN, what does “savor the flavor” mean to you?  Here’s what they had to say (along with their Twitter handles so you can follow the buzz!):

Kathleen Zelman @KZelmanRD
It makes me think of eating slowly, savoring every little bite and making it last as long as possible - that is how I eat my 1/2 cup of frozen yogurt each night - and that slow savoring approach extends the joy and eating pleasure.

Cindy Kanarek Culver @fitandhealthyRD
Take a moment to sit while you eat so that you can enjoy the experience of the flavors of your food that you are eating.

Regan Jones, RD @ReganJonesRD
In all my years of being a culinary focused RDN, the one truth I've learned is this -- if people don't like the taste of something, they won't eat it consistently, no matter how good it is for them. This is why I channel my efforts as dietitian and food blogger into recipes for shortcut cooking without shortcut taste.

Carolyn O’Neil @CarolynOneil
Savor the Flavor of Eating Right for 2016 combines the concepts of mindfulness and creating delicious nutritious meals.  The slogan says right up front that eating right doesn't have to be boring and bland in fact eating right can be an explosion of colors, flavors and textures on the plate. It's more about what to add to the plate than take away. Even with the new Dietary Guidelines for Americans where there's advice to cut sugar and salt, there's a world of healthy flavors to spice up what we cook including the tang of citrus, the aromatics of spices and herbs. Cooking techniques such as grilling, braising, roasting and pan searing add flavors to savor too.

Cheryl Orlansky @corlansky
Good for you food can and should taste flavorful. Savor the flavor means we should derive pleasure from eating experiences.  Food should be pleasurable!

Ann Dunaway Teh @anndunawayteh and @mymenupal
“Savor the flavor” means to me taking the time to slow down and really enjoy our food, and the company we are with when eating. I am a believer that all foods can fit and rather than feeling bad about eating something indulgent, really taste and enjoy it. You may just be surprised that you eat less of an indulgent food when you slow down and really “savor the flavor.”

Marisa Moore @MarisaMoore
What it means to me... Taste is the number one factor that determines what we eat. As a registered dietitian nutritionist, it's my mission to help people discover new ways to appreciate and enjoy the flavor of food that is not just tasty but also good for you. If you don't like raw cauliflower, try it roasted. The caramelized flavor of roasted cauliflower (broccoli or Brussels sprouts) can make a veggie lover out of almost anyone! Focusing on flavor can help you explore and incorporate foods you never thought you would. The options are endless!
That about sums it up.  For me, I would say that “savor the flavor” means allowing yourself the time to enjoy the aroma, visual appeal, and flavor of all of the components of your meal – and doing so with minimal distraction.  I completely agree with our colleagues, and I know you will too, good food should also taste good!

— Sherry Coleman Collins, MS, RDN, LD, is president of Southern Fried Nutrition Services ( specializing in food allergies and sensitivities, digestive disorders, and nutrition communications.  Follow her on Twitter at @DietitianSherry.



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