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Terry Kaley, MA, RD, LD

Terry Kaley, MA, RD, LD is a former President of the Georgia Academy and active member of the NE district.  Dietetics is a second career for her; and it is a funny story that launched her interest in nutrition and eating healthy.  Click here for newspaper article.

Name and Credentials: Terry Kaley, MA, RD, LD

Hometown:  Born in Dallas, TX, but I lived in 12 places around the country growing up.

Education/School/Dietetic Internship: B.S. in Foods & Nutrition at Georgia State University, Internship at Emory University Hospital and M.A. in Health Promotion & Behavior at University of Georgia 

Current Employment:  Retired in May 2015.

What do you like best about being a Georgia Academy member?  The best thing has been meeting RDs from all over Georgia and the United States.  Also, I learn about the latest issues and opportunities for our profession from the many GAND resources (website, President’s Platform, HOD and legislative updates, Peach Press, and ACE).

What keeps you motivated? (may add a quote, experience, goal, etc.)   Recently I was interviewed for National Nutrition Month by a reporter from our local paper.  As I explained to him, I was, and remain, motivated to learn healthy nutrition and physical activity habits to get and keep my husband well.  I like to share my experiences with other people. 

What is your favorite food?  Fried chicken (once a year) and watermelon.  I spent every summer as a kid with my grandparents in Houston, TX.   Grandma made the best fried chicken.  Grandpa would buy 3 watermelons from the Rio Grande Valley for $1.00.  We’d go outside and eat watermelon until we had to lie down on the ground.

Do you have a “splurge” food? Hot fudge sundae.

What are your hobbies?  Traveling and working in my yard.

Profession you would choose if not dietetics:  I would either have been a physical therapist, astronaut or race car driver.

Top of your bucket list:  Visit Niagara Falls.



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