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Diane King

Diane King, MS, LAT, ATC, RD, CSSD was recently selected as the Georgia Athletic Trainers Association’s Jerry Rhea Athletic Trainer of the Year.  Learn more about Diane and how this former competitive swimmer found a passion for nutrition and career helping youth athletes.

Hometown: Memphis... But in Atlanta area since 1988 so I’m almost native; live in Suwanee now

Education/School/Dietetic Internship:
BS in Dietetics, Memphis State University 1985
MS in Human Nutrition, Louisiana State University 1987
Thesis: An Evaluation of Dietary Intakes of Triathletes
Post Graduate Fellowship at University of Tennessee Center for the Health Sciences, Wellness Promotion/ Disease Prevention

Current Employment:  Children’s Healthcare of Atlanta Sports Medicine - Athletic Trainer, South Forsyth High School

What do you like best about being a Georgia Academy member?  Networking and being able to keep up with other RDs around the state is what I like most.  Lots of people do some many cool things and never get the kudos for a job well done.  It’s great to be able to share those stories.

What keeps you motivated? I love sports.  I was a swimmer and competed all the way up to Masters, including Nationals and Pan Pacifics in Brisbane Australia. I went through some tough times and experienced firsthand some bad habits when it came to food and fueling and weight. I was also injured a good bit during college because they thought swimmers should run to get in better shape.  (FYI, we don’t do so well on dryland.) So I experienced the highs and lows of competitive sports.  That’s why I became both an RD and a certified athletic trainer. Knowing I can keep athletes safe and healthy with simple education is rewarding. Helping an athlete with low energy start to feel better and then perform optimally in competition makes you feel good.  As an athletic trainer, energy availability and hydration and fueling are a part of our daily messages to the athlete, coaches and parents.

Recently I was awarded the Georgia Athletic Trainers Association’s Jerry Rhea Athletic Trainer of the Year. It’s fun to be recognized by your peers.  I have been blessed to be a part of changing/ advancing both of my profession. I was an exam writer for the National Athletic Trainers Association certification exam for several years in the early ‘90’s.  I was part of the original work group that wrote the exam for the Sports Dietetics Specialty Certification. I have served as an officer for the GATA for six years and countless committees at the local and national level. I am on the Sports Medicine Advisory Committee for the Georgia High School Association.  I assist with the GHSA Wrestling Weight Management program.  I appreciate the history of how each profession has developed and for that, I am very proud to be a part of its advancement.

What is your favorite food? Good Memphis BBQ

Do you have a “splurge” food? A slice of “Wedding Cake” from The Baking Grounds in Buford GA

What are your hobbies? Gardening

Profession you would choose if not dietetics: Landscape Architecture, but not so much the drawing up, more the installation

Top of your bucket list:  Get back to Australia with my husband

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