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{Healthy} Happy Mother’s Day!

{Healthy} Happy Mother’s Day!

By Sherry Coleman Collins, MS, RDN, LD

May 8th is quickly approaching – are you ready? As RDNs we have the unique opportunity to share health with our family, friends, and clients by promoting health during this holiday. Mother’s Day is a wonderful time to celebrate the women who make a difference in your life.  Mothers, grandmothers, aunts, sisters, friends, and others who support, love, mentor and help us thrive all deserve a special recognition.  There are many ways to celebrate these women, not the least of which is to support their best health. In fact, Mother’s Day kicks off Women’s Health Week.

Here are some reasons and creative ways to give your Mother (or other important women in your life) healthy gifts this year:

Did you know that less than ½ of the women over 18 in the US met the recommended aerobic physical activity guidelines?1

For a variety of reasons, women tend to become less active as they age. Give your Mom the gift of movement by sharing an exercise class with her, such as water aerobics, yoga, or whatever fits her needs and interest best.  Buy her a bicycle or a new pair of walking shoes if she likes to spend time outdoors, or take her for a walk or hike. A gym membership may not seem special, but it could add years to her life! If she has mobility issues, consider modified ways to help her get moving, including enlisting the services of a trainer who specializes in working with older adults.

Did you know that heart disease and cancer continue to be the numbers one and two killers of women in the U.S.?1

Consider spending time with your mother at a healthy cooking class to teach her some new ways to enjoy healthy foods.  A subscription to her local CSA or healthy food delivery program (there are many, including Atlanta’s own Good Measure Meals) might be a great way to help her eat more fruits and vegetables – supporting a plant-based diet, known to help reduce risk for both major killers.  If a subscription seems like too much for Mom, consider a healthy fruit-filled bouquet instead of traditional flowers. If you’re dining out, choose a restaurant known for healthier choices, such as one that focuses on a calorie-controlled menu (like Seasons 52).  Or, if cooking is your jam, make Mom a nutritious meal, complete with a tasty healthy dessert, flowers, and special linens on the table – make it a special affair. This menu from should help!

For additional inspiration, consider this list of 32 Gift Ideas for Fit and Healthy Moms.

Check out these resources for more on women’s health:

Whatever you do for Mom this year, consider how to incorporate the message of good health. She will love the fact that you’re focused on keeping her healthy and spending many more years together.


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