Incident Reporting


For Documenting Stories of Success and Reporting Harm

The Academy developed the Incident Reporting Tool (IRT) to support its efforts to protect the public, enhance the quality of nutrition care, and promote self-regulation of the profession.

The IRT fills a critical gap in supplementing the documentation of noteworthy incidents in the provision of nutrition care services across the country. Patients, members of the general public, and health care practitioners can now easily document examples of successful nutrition care, showing the value of qualified practitioners. In addition, incidents of harm or unethical practice can be submitted using the IRT.

The Academy/CDR Code of Ethics requires reporting cases of harm.  The IRT provides a uniform resource for national reporting and facilitates reports to state licensure boards. The compiled IRT information can be used to increase understanding of the value of qualified RDN care by elected leaders, federal and state agency officials, other healthcare providers and the public.  The IRT directly contributes to the Academy's strategic plan, mission, and policy goals, "leverage[ing] date to demonstrate effectiveness of dietetic and nutrition interventions."

For more information, visit the IRT FAQ page.

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